Darkness rises, rage flares up in the east

(A Narrative by J.S.R.)

I sit on a mountaintop
meditating on my thoughts,
i think about the river
of thought in my mind
wondering when I will
see the righteous
and when the others
will watch my body decay
on Earth after a long hard
The thought in my mind
will gather up until there
is no more. But…

The darkness rises in the East
as I sit on my mountaintop
grassy knoll.
I hear a big bang coming
toward me when I see
the demon coming toward me.
the demon says “Get back to work!”
I see the others around me
working as hard as they can
pushing a crane to get a boat
in to the water.
The demon sees me not
doing anything still.
He yells out to his partner,
“Get the Lazy one to work
or else he’ll suffer in the fiery
I began to sit up entering out
of my meditative state
when I sense an urge to run.
I run as far as I can till I
don’t see the demons
no more.
Once I think I am safe,
I begin to look around
as I see a beautiful waterfall
and walking through is
an angel with mighty wings.
the wings open up as bright as
the sun.
Not so far along from when the
angel came by,
I hear the grumbling noises from the
demons who are trying to
attack me.
The angel swiftly grabs my body
and flies away in to the
bright blue sunny sky.
I notice everything turned black
like deep on the heart of space
when I see a bright star nearby.
The angel flies me to the
star, drops me off in the canyon
and tells me these three words:
Walk the distance!
I don’t know what she meant
and fell in to a puddle of cascading
water. I see my reflection
and then I see the demon behind
me in my reflection.
The puddle disappears,
the demon grabs me,
and I throw dust in his face
and run the distance away
from him.
When I see a castle in front of me,
I notice the door opens up
and I walk through.
Many guards of the castle
come flying out to
charge the demon with
The demon enters in to
the castle and walks up to
the throne of the of the Righteous
with glaring red eyes and laughing with glee
saying “You may have stopped me once,
but I am sure to come back again.”
Right from there, the demon exploded
before I could even speak.
The Righteous says to the people around
“Always be careful and recognize a demon.
Capture it, and send him to me.”
The people beginning to fear this is not the end,
cringe to a corner.
The Righteous says “The more you fear it, the
more it attacks you. Do not Fear, rather
ignore it.”
And so the people embrace the strength in the hearts
and the dutiful courage they attained.
I sit on the mountaintop of the star in space,
and I begin to think about my thoughts once again.
The ideas in my mind and the inspiration to come
from what I have learned.
I suddenly wake up… crying in my bed.

(hope you like the narrative)


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