Communication Shutdown November 1; Is it really necessary?

There are certain Autism organizations promoting a Communication Shutdown on November 1 thinking people will support Autism Awareness. The real goal here is not Awareness, but understanding and acceptance of different people who express themselves in many ways. The Communications Shutdown for November 1 will shutdown Facebook and Twitter to every one, but is this really necessary to shutdown the only way of communication people with Autism Spectrum Disorders like myself have to tell the world our viewpoints. Speaking is very important to tell your viewpoints to your peers and professionals abound. The way any person communicates in this world mostly by talking builds us up and strengthens who we are. A person who talks about their feelings to another is giving themselves a means of letting go of past bad feelings inside. So, why take away the only means of communication most Autistic people have? Twitter and Facebook used by many Autistic individuals like myself is the one of the only means of communication of our thoughts and feelings to express to others. What are they trying to prove by taking this away for 1 day? There is no real substance to organizations deciding to shutdown communication on Facebook and Twitter for 1 day. The only way to do something about this issue of stopping the communication shutdown is by supporting the fact Autistics do Speak in many different ways! By shutting down communication on these 2 major websites, you won’t be helping Autistic individuals like myself, you’ll be hurting us and yourselves!! We’ll become more shut out from the world feeling lonely and isolated.

Every body should be able to say what they feel and not be shunned or ridiculed for saying their feelings nor should they feel pushed away from the limelight. If you really want to help Autistic individuals speak their mind, let them do it in their comfortable way and practice with them to talk in a conversation.

By communicating in our comfortable way, we feel stronger, relaxed, and positive. We feel connected more with people we know on Facebook and Twitter because we get to communicate our thoughts and feelings much better. Life is a tribute to having connections for ourselves that when we fill ourselves up with connections which matter, we feel more complete as a person. So, why can’t every one speak their minds without shutting down the world? Every one should be able to decide for themselves what to do because we are all individuals and have our own ideas.

Be Strong, Bold, and listen to what we say!

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