Collide with your Abilities

Finishing up your motives to do something shows you the actual life you are meant to live. There have been many special people in this world who have done incredible things even today. Sometimes you have to stick your neck out and yell, “Here I am, HERE I AM!!!” Its not like no body will listen, you will get an audience. Some are intended to be big, but you must be cautious. You must learn every step of the way, every thing to better yourself.

Most other people learn by listening, but listening to people can be very hard especially for an Autistic/Aspie with Visual Thinking like myself. A way to synchronize yourself to society is by using your strengths to strengthen your weaknesses. Sometimes these weaknesses collide with our strengths so as to be a person. Sometimes we need to collide and sometimes we just collide by accident. In the end, discover who you are as a person not a person with a disability. Disability is always with us, but abilities can overpower any time any day with heart.

Thinking about our dreams, just collide figuratively that is…



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One thought on “Collide with your Abilities

  1. J May

    I need your help. I do not know how to make contacts to help my daughter. She is an autistic teacher in an outstanding school district in Texas. After six years, she is dedicated to her children……..the boys and girl in her contained classroom. She loves her work! She is a teacher that needs help to stay in her profession…..student loans from college are killing her. Teachers have to change professions to pay off bills………….even when it hurts the autistic students. Are there donors who could help my daughter with the school loans so she can continue her fantastic work with “her children/students”! Please, please pass this to sources that could help make a difference. Thank you for taking time to read and help! Let’s keep her in the classroom to make a difference!!!