Autistics teach Neurotypicals the differences on this planet

Many people don’t realize what Autism can teach. Autism is more than what the average Neurotypical thinks.  Organizations like Autism Speaks created a sense of fear of the unknown, fear which triggers people to hate something called Autism. In fact, every one has an ability to do something for this world no matter what kind of person they may be. A walk for Autism which Autism Speaks created to help find a cure to some seem great, but to others seem ridiculous. Instead of marching in line waiting for a cure, march in line celebrating Neurodiversity. As April draws in closer, we need April’s Autism Month to be the celebration of all walks of life. Love your inner nature and love the people around you.

We are all here on this Earth with our differences even though we may all think differently about God. In the end, we were all created to live on this planet to focus on our unstable emotions and work on our strength(s)/gifts.  Sometimes we may need help with our emotions. Some of us may not realize the Angels around us and some of us just may know how much they are around, but the Angels are always around trying to help someone, any one who needs it.

People in general need to be more considerate of knowing there are different types of people in the world. Neurodiversity equals Biodiversity. For instance, when any one enters in to a forest or swim in the sea, they see all types of animals, plants, and other living creatures around. This difference is the same as seeing individuals with Autism walking around among you. If every one were the same, this world would be blank. Every time you would walk down the street, you’d see every one and every thing looking the same.

Autism has abilities just like Neurotypicals have abilities. People may say the word disability to things people can not do, but the disability is more of a weakness. Sometimes the weakness is very weak, but not every one who has a particular weakness wants to strengthen it and sometimes people really do want to strengthen it. It all depends on what the person wants out of his or her life.

Some people don’t like being by themselves considering themselves lonely, while others love to be alone in solitude. It does feel good to be alone in silence because you get to relax more. Although sometimes it is good to be with others to learn what being in solitude can’t teach you.

Autism can teach Neurotypicals to be by themselves and observe all of nature around them. Let your fears of the unknown diminish and love every minute that every one has to give. Never even be afraid of what different types of animals or creatures there are in the world, they are here to live their lives too. For example, every year where I live it seems like the house gets swarmed with ladybugs in the spring time. Every thing happens for a reason…, and sometimes those reasons tell you something you might need to help you figure out what you should be doing…

(I saw an article yesterday in Medical News Today about how proteins were found which cause most ASD’s. Is this really going to help the world if people with Autism took a protein to get rid of their weaknesses???? I don’t think so since Neurotypicals have other types of weaknesses, but to some people who have Autism and are having too much trouble with their own weaknesses, it may.  Only time could tell, but please try to figure out yourself before you consider that step.)

Celebrate Neurodiversity!!


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5 thoughts on “Autistics teach Neurotypicals the differences on this planet

  1. Jewel Curameng

    Extremely interesting blog post thank you for sharing I have added your blog to my favorites and will be back 🙂 By the way this is a little off subject but I really like your sites layout.

  2. Thomas Armstrong

    Thanks for this lovely piece about neurodiversity. It’s not just the autistic who exemplify the diversity of brains, also people with ADHD, dyslexia, schizophrenia, etc.

  3. Kym M

    Jason~Love your posting!

    ~Yes…..everyone should celebrate the neurodiversity in all of us~

    I love your insight and inspiration and will spread the word~Thank you for this posting!