As you wait for the next section of Gregarious Revolution, here is a tale of inspiration

My spirit lifts and I ascend to something greater than anything any one has ever known. The truth is there are people in this world who are non-believers. The non-believers can continue to not believe, but soon they will find out they will believe.

Here is an tale from me to you:

An old man once told people he was something special. Every one didn’t believe him. He would walk to the inner portions of town and say to people “I can heal you and help you in every way if only you pay me 10 pieces of gold a day.” People called him the Crazy Man in the town. They felt he was just chewing everyone’s ear off and not actually healing anyone. One day a little boy comes up to him to tell the Crazy Man so to speak that he is angry he can not fly like a bird. The Crazy Man tells the little boy “I am a healer and although I can not make any human being fly like a bird, I can heal you from your anger to fly like a bird. You would be the talk of the town and every one would want to see the boy who can feel connected to god. The townspeople would want you to connect yourself with god whenever people were in trouble or feeling down. To feel connected with god you would transfer yourself to a room in your home say one word ‘Life’ and walk out to the townspeople where the sun would become brighter that day with a little bit of wind.” then the healer says “I may seem crazy to a lot of people, but once you walk away from me, you will feel connected to god.” he concludes with “and I shall leave here forever since my work will be done. Are you ready?”
The little boy says to the Crazy Man “How does this happen?”
the Healer says “just walk away to see.”
So the little boy begins to take his first step from the healer as the little boy notices his arms turning to wings. He starts flying like a bird just like he wanted to. He soars through the sky flying so high and flying down through the town where people become amazed at watching a little boy fly. Once the little boy was finished flying he lands in the middle of the town hall meeting area. Every one gathers around him and he yells out to the townspeople, “HEY!”
The townspeople all yell out to the little boy in unison “God!” The little boy says “No, I am not God, but I can fly.” One townspeople says “How is it you can fly?” The little boys tells every one “I can fly because I believe…” At the very instant the healer/crazy man looks from the mountain to the town, smiles, and begins walking away in to the far distance. The little boy begins seeing sparkles in the sky and a sun shining so bright with a little bit of wind. The little boy says “Mommy, Daddy, everyone, there is god!” As everyone looks his direction and sees the crazy man/healer walking away from the town.

There are 2 morals of the story: 1) believe in yourself and other people will believe in you. 2) The healer believed who he was and every one thought he was crazy until he met the little boy who made every one believe the crazy old man was not crazy at all. Some people who believe who they are may seem crazy to some people, but there is always a believer to show what their true potential really is.

Now for every one of my readers, Have a Great day!

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One thought on “As you wait for the next section of Gregarious Revolution, here is a tale of inspiration

  1. Raquel

    I just read your post about bullying and it was inspiring. I have been a push-over my entire life and that really helped me to understand that I need to stand up for myself.

    You are doing a great job!