An Unknown Face

An Unknown Face,

By J.S.R.

Walking in to the dark fog
in to the city road,
I watch the lights go down
and curfew begins.
my footsteps begin
to step louder as
the last person goes to sleep.
the dense fog becomes thicker
and colder.
I reach the edge of the city,
watching the water pound
on the land.
A storm is brewing,
and a boat is seen
in the distance
trying to survive the
rough waters.
I walk down the path
a little bit further
when I notice the boat
had disappeared.
I walk further down the path
and it begins to hail with nine inch
rocks hitting me on my shoulder.
I see a shack for shelter
rushing to get inside.
Once I get inside the shack,
I notice it feels more like
an ancient temple which
seems to be around for centuries.
I read an encryption on the
wall which reads:
Underneath in small letters
reads native american
I don’t know what it reads,
but a door suddenly creaks
I walk inside while lights surprisingly
turn on from flames of fire.
All I see is a chair in front
of the fire with a blue mat
I slowly walk closer to the
chair when I hear, “Stop!”
I suddenly freeze my whole
I feel a tickle on my nose and
shoulder, but I won’t move my body.
A figure stands up, turns around,
and the lights become brighter
surrounding the figure.
I turn my head slightly to the right
when I begin to see a woman in a white dress
dancing on the floor.
I turn around and go through the door.
I go to leave the shack when I see
a note on the wall:
Goodbye and thank you for coming
I leave the shack while the sun shines
bright in the day sky.
I see many people dancing and playing in the
park with their music blasting.
I walk over to the water watching a boat
reemerge in the distance, the same boat
I saw during the night.
The water seems as calm as a hummingbird singing,
when I notice a duck pecking on my feet.
The duck leaves a note on my shoe
“I love you”
i see a figure fly away with the winds in to
the bright sunny sky not noticing a face.

(posting again soon,)


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