All to often in the state of what others might call a disaster, is a blessing

It depends on how you look at a situation whether you see something as a disaster or a blessing in disguise.  Some people feel a big snow storm with strong gusty winds is a disaster.  If you look at the bright side of everything, it is a blessing in disguise.  It makes people have to be home with their families and/or friends more rather than on the road driving a car.  Cars can be one of the worst inventions at times or one of the most awesome inventions of all time.  Sometimes cars cause anarchy because people want to get to their destination as quickly as they can, so as you see people driving by on the roads, people are passing each other.  Some people don’t even observe the rules of the road or what they learned in Driver’s Education which causes car accidents.  There have been too many car accidents in history because people can be too impatient.  After the accident people argue whose fault it is. When in fact it is both parties fault due to impatience.

This snow storm is a blessing in disguise to make people think about how to spend their time in the house by themselves or with others.  Besides when was the last time every body spent their time at home without anywhere to go in a car.  Every body has to be on the move constantly because people get bored easily.  Spend time at home doing a hobby you loved as kid whether it was art, music, or writing to see what talent may be the end result.  Share it among others and gather up an audience.

Blessings happen every second of the day and we should all open our eyes to see whatever we can see.  The problem is it is easier to focus on the problems around us instead.  May be we all should think about how to see the solution rather than the problem (s)!

This is how other people on the Autism Spectrum can succeed just like me… Though there are some people on the Autism Spectrum who just have the most difficult time getting through the morning hours or even a whole day. Take one step at a time just like Jordin Sparks sang!


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