A World Autism Day promoting Neurodiversity: Let the Autism Month Begin

Today can start a change in people’s perspectives. Every one is different with their struggles. Today there will hopefully be many people wearing their rainbow colored tye-dye shirts for the rest of the month.    It is important to view every one on the same level, but with different struggles.

There are people who can carry out their differences easily while others have a tougher time. People need to understand how some people need some help. There are many arguments on how a person is supposed to function in this world, and different authorities describe people by low functioning to high functioning. No matter how much a person is functioning in this world, we need to contribute helping others with greater problems, function better. We need to stop the labels of functioning.

The many problems which persist in a lot of people with any Autism should be considered.  When a child is first born in to this world, the new parent should be very meticulously attentive to any baby. The parent should know what interests the child and what does not. The parent should then promote growth in that interest so that some day the child could start it as a career someday.

Neurodiversity is about how every individual human being is a part of this world with their own interest from when they are born.  Once people realize this,  Neurotypicals and Autistics will live harmoniously in this world helping each other.  There are many different types of people out there and we are all gifts from god.  No body should look down  at any body just because they are different.

Autism is a gift of the soul where a single human being with an Autism has the ability to strengthen one interest and be the best at it. Once a parent neglects to help the child with an Autism do this, the child falls behind dramatically. Promote the interest!

(I can draw and some of my drawings will be shown on DMC!)

Autism Month has begun with more of a burst of Neurodiversity!!

more posts coming up about friendship, specialties in medicine, the fiction story I have been writing, and much more…


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