A preview of an upcoming book I will write

I will be writing a book which I have already contacted Future Horizons publishing. It is just the beginning stages and will take time and commitment.
It is a book about how an Autistic Person can survive being in a Hospital. It will cover all the basic Autistic traits which can go in overload during an Autistic person’s visit and stay in the hospital from sensory sensitivities to anxiety. The Autisitic adult or child who needs surgery will benefit from my book.

When a Neurotypical goes in for surgery, results are completely different than when an Autistic person like myself has to go to the hospital for Surgery. The perception of the person going through the experience is completely different.

Look forward to seeing my book come to life soon and transform the way you view an Autistic or Asperger person.

Be well and I will be posting more soon,


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One thought on “A preview of an upcoming book I will write

  1. Josh

    That sounds very interesting. I have never been in the hospital, but I can imagine it would be very overwhelming.

    I look forward to reading about it and hearing your experiences!