A New Year 2011 drawing near and What do we have to look Forward to

The New Year is drawing very near and as we close out the year 2010, we move forward to 2011!

It sparks an interest in many people to look to a new beginning, but as I stress all the time a new beginning can start at anytime. Who created New Year’s Eve anyway? Was it the 20th Century crazy media who pushed it forward or was it something more than that? When does the year begin and end for real? Is it really December 31? OR Is it another date? Does it really matter when we start our new beginning? Every one is born on a specific day and the new year begins differently for every one.

A mark we make in our lives only occurs when we are enthusiastic enough to do what is necessary to succeed as well as doing the job we like. My sense is the world around us discovers what is necessary to live on this planet. Money, money, money, M-O-N-E-Y!! If you don’t have money, you can’t do much. The only way to obtain that money is by working hard in a field you are passionate about to reap your rewards.

The New Year or any day you recall as a New Beginning in this case December 31, all of us will be striving to make things better. And it will!! We just have to believe what will happen for any one (hurting from years past) will be working their legs to be crazy enough to be the man in the mirror creating change. The only way change can occur is by creating it!

New Years is approaching and I have had an up and down and up year. It all started on January 4, 2010 with PBS’ This Emotional Life and speaking at the Autism Society Conference in July to having Open Heart Surgery to repair an Aortic Aneurysm. The butt of the year ended by getting laid off, but you know the story already. Life is really a roller coaster of ups, downs, and even loops going as fast as the speed of light.

Things happen for a reason, but I feel we always have choices when a fork appears in the road. You can continue one way or go another. You can be an Adult taking responsibility every step of the way or be a child the rest of your life. It’s OUR choice!! Life is not a straight Happy route that will lead us straight to where we ought to be; there are many curves, swirls, and mountains to climb. Just take each day slow, steady, and every thing will turn alright.

I have many things on my To Do List I need to follow. The book I am writing on Autism Spectrum and Surgery; and a Picture book on Ultrasound Technology for Children to learn about when they need an Ultrasound. As well as finding a Job either teaching Ultrasound, clinical Ultrasound, and/or Advocating.

I have been drawing wondering how I can put it on DMC. May be I will just take a picture of it and show it that way. Autistic Pride Day 2011 comes soon on June 18 which is also my Birthday. I will be doing an Artistic Spectrum of art and writings again to be posted on DMC. I will be posting more details very soon so that I can get more Autistic and Aspie people to submit to DMC.

Happy New Year from Drive MOM Crazy and remember Drive MOM Crazy is only a Metaphor. It does not necessarily mean what it says. The New Year looks very promising for ALL of US so don’t worry. Let life just flow…_____________________________!! We have many things to look forward to.

posting very soon,


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4 thoughts on “A New Year 2011 drawing near and What do we have to look Forward to

  1. sarahlove

    Yes, you are right! It’s OUR choice to take responsibility. I like that you mention that new beginnings don’t have to start at the new year. Why wait to make a change? Start now! 🙂 So glad I found your blog!

  2. Stephanie

    Each new day is a new beginning we either choose to embrace or choose to forego.

    I like your book ideas! Good luck bringing those ideas to fruition!

  3. Adelaide Dupont


    Would love to read your children’s book about Ultrasound. I tried to read the Wiki article about ultrasound and it seemed there were a lot of gaps. I like “what to expect” and “first experience” books.

    Love the “Spirit Dance” image.

    On Twitter you asked where the word “moron” came from. This is something I wanted to know back in 1993 when I first encountered the word in a book which was written in the 1960s-1970s. I soon learnt that it came from Greek, and probably “moros” is the root.

    There are probably websites of disability history which explain the euphemism treadmill.

    What’s the difference from Neatorama

    Was also really excited to read about your plans for Autistic Pride Day 2011.