When will every one understand the reality of the Autism Spectrum

Autism is reality! It is not something to searched for a cure, it is not something which needs to be searched for a cause either. It is something more precious than anything people think about generally. Parents are not allowing there children to have Vaccines because they are afraid of Autism, fearing the unknown. When you fear something, you never get to see the beauty inside. Autism is not caused by vaccines because there is no direct link between vaccines and Autism since it has been proven by different recent studies. Vaccines are the most important thing for us to protect us from illnesses which cause fatalities.

Let’s talk about something a little deeper… Autism is a gift! You either accept it by giving yourself pride over it or you become extremely angry since you are not like every body else. Autism is one of those things where people who have one of the conditions associated with Autism can make big strides. I know there are different levels to Autism as well which make it harder for someone with a certain Autism to live in the Neurotypical world. This can be due to sensory overload and not being able to communicate to Neurotypicals as much so I can understand why those people with their Autism get frustrated. Being in a Neurotypical world is very hard because most Neurotypicals are demanding, impatient, and need constant speed throughout daily living. Now take someone who has Autism and place them in this situation, eventually someone with any Autism will start feeling the demand to fit in properly and impatient due to trying to sense the speed of the Neurotypical world. We need to all slow down just a little bit…

We have a hundred years or so in life to live and be happy. There are more Neurotypicals in the world throughout history and people with Autism have struggled in history with interactions in daily life. People with Autism and Neurotypical people need to find a way to interact more understandably than they have in the past. If not, there will be constant bullying, no sense of patience, and life will get even worse than it is now. Let every body live their life more sensibly and let people do what they need to do to succeed!

Take care of your gifts in life!! If you have any type of Autism, you must find a way to have pride in it. If you are Neurotypical and know someone with any type of Autism, help them out if they need it, and be more patient… Life will get better if only we give it a try!


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4 thoughts on “When will every one understand the reality of the Autism Spectrum

  1. Jennifer

    You don’t know me, but I was also diagnosed with Asperger’s autistic disorder in 2006. After years of failed job trials in fast food & retail (unhappy me, unhappy customers), I figured out that web design development is about the only thing that makes me happy that I would have a chance of doing (other than music but no talent at it). I’m on disability pay and still doing my online classes all the way to my degree. The only thing that worries me is working around others, but if I have enough design work to do I could get it done.

    I was diagnosed so late but looking back it makes sense – I couldn’t ride a bike until I was about 10 years old. I’m sensitive to light & sound only at night, but I can stand attending concerts & movies. My words were all garbled after I learned a few when I was very young.

    I’m making plans for my very 1st spring break trip all on my own. I have the airfare arranged, I’m going to stay with a close friend & visit my family I left behind when I moved north. I’ve never flown so I’m hoping for a smooth experience.

  2. Patrick

    Hi J,

    Pardon me for not responding more often, I lurk a lot on the hub. (and some not so nice places every once in a while too, lol)

    I like the positive attitude you present on the blog, but for some, the challenges associated with dealing (or not) with autism aren’t necessarily easy to be proud of. A very long time ago I would bite myself on the forearm when stressed out/overloaded. But not every person can get past their SIBs.

    See you around 🙂

  3. Sheila

    I love your post here! You’ve summed the basics up nicely. If an NT reads it and still doesn’t understand the reality of the Autism Spectrum as you’ve stated it, then it’s not because they can’t but rather because they won’t.

    One of my favorites is your statement, “Being in a Neurotypical world is very hard because most Neurotypicals are demanding, impatient, and need constant speed throughout daily living.”

    This is my first time visiting your blog and I was surprised when seeing your photo. I almost thought I was looking at my 21 year old Aspie son. You and him look amazingly alike!