What’s in a miracle?!?!?

A miracle comes in different ways and different packages.  Something which is needed at the time to get us to think differently in the world.  We hope each miracle coming forth in to our life is a way to change the perspective which we have been focusing on up until the miracle happened.  A lack of faith and unity deserves a miracle.  Every time we turn our heads, faith happens.  Every time we watch for it, nothing happens.  Miracles happen because the eternal heavens up in the universe want us to know they are still around.

A little bit of faith encourages everyone to be the best they can be. A miracle could happen again sometime where more people will realize the real potentials anybody has inside ready to show the world. No body in the right mind can talk for somebody else. Everybody has a voice whether they can talk freely with their mouth, write, draw, type, play, orchestrate, or by any other means show people what they have in mind. We must all be patient with our lives and with other people.

I read a one line title in the New York Times today entitled, Poll finds;Faith in Obama, mixed with patience. Slowly and slowly more people are becoming patient. This is an incredible breakthrough in human nature. It is human nature to be impatient and greedy, but the fact people are fighting their way to live, brings hope for a better future.

Life is a journey 10,000 or more miles in the making and we just need to believe our lives can get better. First, we need to find unity amongst everybody. Second, we need to accept everybody for who they are. Third, we need to listen. Fourth, we need to help anybody who needs it. Fifth, we need to continue the strength to reveal our true selves unveiling all the masks which we have covered ourselves up with since childhood. Any experience from our past is the past and we need to move on to the next discovery in our life. I really love the book I am reading by Carl Rogers.

I believe Carl Rogers knows to become a person, we need to see ourselves as genuine. A miracle appeared in New York this week which was a way of faith guiding us in to the right direction. A direction forcing us to rethink and plan ahead to be the people who we really are when the United States was born. A new leader comes in to power, I believe this new leader will be the most genuine humble President of our times. I know Mr. Obama might be the President on Tuesday living in the Whitehouse in Washington D.C., and he will have the luxury of any other President, but I hope he shares the luxury since we are all human.

A human being who becomes a dignitary of a great nation of so far and wide in the world takes on great responsibility, leadership, and challenges to make difficult decisions. I just feel his leadership will be the precursor to something better. I enjoy the world stopping for a moment to see the miracles in our lives right now. It shows the unity the world sparks up in a instant moment of flash. The comic hero Flash is the fastest man on Earth who helped fight evil in his stories, the same goes for miracles when we try and fight our way through tough times.

Don’t expect too much or else you will find nothing more will happen. Learn the easy way. I know and I am sure we all have learned the hard way too many times.


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2 thoughts on “What’s in a miracle?!?!?

  1. Patricia Robinson MFT

    I so admire Carl Rogers! I think every therapist uses some of the ideas Rogers came up with, no matter what else they do in treating their clients. And, amazingly, just following Roger’s advice can be more powerful than any other technique. His ideas sound simple, but they’re the core of relating. I’m glad you like his writing too!

  2. laurentius-rex

    Miracle is yet another of those terms that has become devalued de nos jours.

    I hear that the aeroplane ditching in the Hudson is described as a miracle.

    Miracle my A**e the miracle to me is that these things can even stay up in the air at all.

    So something going drastically wrong is described as a miracle? Well there is a big hole in the logic there somewhere because the other side of the coin is all the bad luck travelling with that plane and it’s passengers.