What’s going to be left in this world after all these Wars????

Things are definitely not going right when places like the Middle East are at War in the World around us. People obviously are not taking what I say ion this website seriously. Well, may be those people have not read my website currently. I am writing this posting for DMC because I am appalled at the world for their horrible behavior. Every one seems to be at some kind of war lately. Whether with trying to destroy one another with guns and physical fighting, bombs, words, … This is a world of total chaos.

We need to think about how to to work as Team and not as a bunch of people who hate each other. Hate seems to go far in this world as well as love. Love is the interaction between each other to give each other a boost and vow of confidence.

My life as we know it is a life of good things waiting to happen. I know there will always be disagreements and fighting in this world and I should not let this distract me from my life. Unfortunately, not everybody will like one another. In fact, every one in this world will only like the people who do good things for them. People are choosy, people gossip, people spread rumors, people can not live together sometimes. I know none of this can not be true, but what can I say about any one who lives in this world. We pick our battles and I hope the battles we all pick are the right choices. Most of the time we pick bad battles during a time of grief when a feud breaks out. For example, I guess this is why Israelis always had problems with Palestinians.

There seems to be good reasons for anything, I hope, but you never know. I just want a good interaction between individuals and know for every individual who walks by us even if we don’t like them, we are courteous and walk by. We also must thank every one for the tasks we all achieve, some very big like career achievements, prizes, or even to ride a bicycle or a car.

There is so many things a person needs to brush off and be happy about.

Hang in there…we should all be are smiley faces. I happy to be have many people who help me out and every one should be happy about all the people who help them out as well.


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