What is going on now?!?!

Today is a special day! Why? Today is the day of the most Positive energy the world will ever see and hear about.  Angels will be all around today, but aren’t they always.  We just don’t know it at the moment when an Angel is with us at every waking moment, but they are there.  If you are a bad person, they will want you to explain why you are a bad person.  If you have done something wrong, they’ll want to know why you’ve done something wrong.

I know people want to encourage different things, but you can’t control what is inside a person which comes out. You can only try and help that person.

You have one shot to do something with your life good and if you blow it, you blow it. We are in the midst of the holiday season this year where Chanukah just ended. Christians are ’bout to celebrate the major holiday. While other people are celebrating their holidays as well. Altogether we all celebrate faith!

Next year, 2010 can either be similar to 2009 or better than the ever. It can be a start to change everything. Think about it! If you lift yourself up from the ground, brush yourself off trying to earn your merit eventually, you could give something the world always wanted.

The world has always wanted the people who strive for success to work smarter and harder to earn their rights of honor. Unfortunately, there is a long dusty road of hardship along the way and not every one makes it for many different reasons. Sometimes people give up or sometimes a really jealous person stops them in their tracks leaving anyone stunned.

Anyway, things are going to be fine…

Have a great day!

posting soon again,


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One thought on “What is going on now?!?!

  1. Stephanie Lynn Keil

    “The world has always wanted the people who strive for success to work smarter and harder to earn their rights of honor.”

    It might help you to know that this type of “happiness” is ingrained in western culture, but not so much in the east and other parts of the world.

    In the east,

    “The true key is inside. What is valuable – is the inner world of the human being and his natural ability to control and develop it. The way ahead – is through self-development (inside intervention).

    “The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.” – Confucius

    “By chasing desires you will meet only the outer surface.” – Lao Tzu”

    In the west,

    “The main values are success and happiness, that can be achieved in different ways, but rarely through developing ones inner strength. The majority of the criteria for success and happiness have outer nature (money, faith, popularity, etc.). The way ahead – is through active outside intervention.

    “Happiness lies in virtuous activity, and perfect happiness lies in the best activity, which is contemplative.” – Aristotle”

    I find the east to be superior to the west in most ways.

    Here is a useful chart here the explains some differences between eastern and western philosophy; you might want to look at it:


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