18 thoughts on “What does this picture represent to you?

  1. Laura

    my first impression (hope this is not an ink blot test!) is that I am laying on my back looking up at a tiffany style shade that is coming apart, and I’m hallucinating this!

  2. Carrie

    To me it represents a “coming together” like a unification or re-unification. Has a hopeful kind of feel to it. It looks like the tiny and separate pieces want to be part of the whole, but in a good way. Like a universal consciousness kind of thing. =)

  3. Marina

    This to me is like a representation of the difference between conoforming and being an individual. In the group, all the shapes are gray and dull but as they move away they are more beautiful and deeper and richer. Or maybe the shapes at the bottom who are really purple are pure and then they go into the center and are destroyed by the crowd and come out at the top more dull, but are still able to escape, but now scarred from the world, many of them losing their color. Lol yea thats it

  4. SBA

    It is an enormously rounded lady with a tiny head and a HUGE bottom, skipping away from the viewer, her right arm waving to someone who is obscured by the lady’s bulk.

    Did I win? I really do see that.

  5. Dani

    This is an interesting image and it represents different things to me.

    I see a floating mass made up of individual pieces. When then pieces separate themselves, individually or in small groups, from the mostly colorless mass they float freely and take on color. To me it represents the joy of individuality and intimate friendships.

    But I also see it as small pieces of my memory drifting away as I am aging…

  6. Traci

    Black, gray, purple, pink and white pentagon shaped polygons, whereby the colored shapes are primarily detached from the black, gray and white mass of polygons.

    If you blur your eyes, you can see a pixelated lady looking to the right.

  7. angie

    People…u have got to use your imagination…sheesh. Haha.
    To me, it looks like a new beginning of life. Sperm cells swarming to an egg cell.

  8. natalie

    it looks like a dance floor, with little bits of groups of people splintering off…hard to always try to stay in the middle of the pack. run away to the edge!

  9. Tonya

    I think this reminds me of an image of the brain from an MRI or some sort of “brain wave” type image. Really cool

  10. Maggie

    It looks rather like a purple, spruced up beehive.

    Am I supposed to see a 3-D image pop out from it or something?

  11. Rose

    The units at the bottom are different than the “circle” in the middle and also the units at the top.

    It’s kind of like information processing. New things come in at the bottom, and then the entity absorbs and processes and at the top comes new thought, whicn includes both old and new.

    What is it supposed to be?