What does it mean to be Human

Human vs. other creatures! Human beings are one of the most persuasive and talkative creatures the world has ever known. Humans are conscious talking individuals. They think, they draw, they create inventions to use things, they talk, and there are many different types of Human beings in the world. All of our brains think differently. When they say an Autistic brain like mine is wired differently, they really mean we think differently. In the end, since Autistics and Neurotypicals are Human, we crave connections with other people and attention. It is our ability to try to conserve our nature to connect and be with others. The more Autistic a person is, the more they can conserve this nature. Other Human beings may perceive this as lonely because it is Human nature which craves connections with others. In some respects you can say it is loneliness because the person is lacking the human nature which every one else has. In other respects you can say it is their way of showing happiness within themselves because the person is doing what they have passion for. Still, Human beings are social creatures! Neurotypicals are the most social creatures in the world because they can’t conserve themselves to their passion/love for some thing they crave to create and/or invent.

People need to feel like they are a somebody though and they only way they do this is by trying to gain recognition from the world we live in. Recognition is important, but knowing every one needs recognition is harder than any one can ever think of. In a lifetime, it is hard for a single person to gain recognition because not every one can get it. Gaining recognition to certain people is a gift we all need to cherish when we get it. The more we continue to perform and do what we need to do, the more recognition we get. We can never stop not performing our work/passion to achieve our goals even after we gain initial recognition. Otherwise we fail…

Respect yourself, respect others, work hard at what you love to do, but never try to take an shortcut. Shortcuts may seem like an easy way to succeed, but the success ends quickly. I really admire my constant drive to work hard at what I love to do. Every day I do an Ultrasound whether an Echo or a Vascular, I experience more exhilaration and steam. I have to remember I am Human too though because I need to have food for fuel and proper sleep too.

Humans have something other creatures don’t have whether Neurotypical or Autistic, we all have the means to connect to one another. Some want friendship while others want romance. Some can handle romance very well, but others choose to not have anything to do with it.

It is why we have Neurodiversity and all of us have feelings/emotions.

Today is a MAJOR PROTEST AT CARNEGIE HALL AGAINST AUTISMSPEAKS!!! We are all Human and it is why ASAN strives to help every body achieve “Nothing about us, Without US.”


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