We are Light Years away from each other, the story comes to life Finally!

Far distances away in remote areas there are people who don’t know where other beings come from. In fact, there is a world of difference out there in Outer Space more than any one has ever seen. One day in the middle of a day on one side of the planet and middle of night on the other, there came a flash of light entering the planet. People did not realize what it was and who it could be. It was a flash of light zooming across the sky. Many people did not realize it and continued to either sleep or work through their day without realizing any part of the discovery; except for one. The one individual walking in the woods noticed it by looking up in to the sky. The flash of light zoomed forward finding its way to the individual looking up towards it. A crash landed on the individual and in front of the individual lay a man feeling out of place and hurt by the hard hit on the ground. The individual from the planet screamed in pain from burning feet. As soon as things began to calm down with the individual’s burning feet and stepping back about five hundred feet away. The man began singing a lullaby from his home planet:

“Soak it up, brush it off, here I am standing once again. I only fall, but rise again.”

The lullaby was like a ever changing existence on the planet he just landed on. He sang it so beautifully with incredible patience and standing up with his own two feet. The individual from the planet listened with awe. The woods around the individual became inspired for more.

The individual steps forward towards the man asking him a question, “Where’d you come from?”

The man replies, “I came from…Wait a second, where am I now?”

The individual says “I saw you shining in the sky and next thing I knew it, you landed on my feet.”

The man says feeling out of place, “I am…on another planet?”

The individual says “Yes, I guess you are.”

The man says with tears down his shoulder or what they look like to be tears, “Well, I guess I have to make the most of this. I fell in to a hole while grazing on my farm and next thing I knew it my body felt sucked in and I spread out completely in to the hole. When I fell over on to you, light stars came rushing down my face and hit your feet. I am really sorry, but it was not my body which hit your feet. It was light which hit your feet.”

The individual brushes off the light saying “Its okay, just don’t let it happen again.”

The man says “Huh, How could this happen again?”

The individual replies “I don’t know. By the way, I am so rude, My name is Regina. What is your name?”

The man says “Well, I don’t understand. What language is this? How am I speaking to you?”

Regina says “I speak a few languages, but this is English.”

The man says “What is English? I don’t understand.”

Regina replies “English is the language I started talking to you in because that is what you were speaking to me in.”

The man says “Oh, my language is actually…[a beam of light comes shooting out of his mouth] Oh my, I can’t speak my language. I guess I should speak to you in this way.”

Regina asks “Well what should I call you then?”

The man says “Call me? I don’t understand?”

Regina says “I mean I want to know what your name is.”

The man says “My name. What is in a name anyway?”

Regina says back “Don’t people refer you by something when they ask who you may be. Or don’t people ask for you in some way.”

The man says “I don’t know, they usually call me farmer.”

Regina says “Alright, alright, I will just call you Light Year Man.”

Light Year Man says back finally “[A ray of light flashes out of his mouth with a loud banging screaming noise]”

Regina says “That is why I gave you a name from my own because I see you can’t speak your language.”

Light Year Man says “What other languages do you speak Regina?”

Regina says “I speak French, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese.”

Light Year Man replies “Wow, I speak a language far different than any of those. I speak …”

But, Light Year Man can’t really speak it, so Regina comforts him and walks him back to her home through the rest of the woods. She pulls off some shedded light from the place he landed by placing it in his farmer’s pocket. They walk in to the woods with her animals as the woods end and her house is seen…

As I finish the first chapter to the beginning of a very long narrative story, I finish with a poem:

Here Here
I sit on the crane
of my existing self
I don’t know which
and what to do
I sit in the shadows
of a raging bull
and cry myself to sleep.
My life challenges
and comforts me,
I hear the exhausting
waves of reality in my soul,
but the truth is
my reality is the triumph
I will achieve.

Coming soon the story continues…

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