Today is Positivity Day

Today is Positivity Day and the day every one ends their negative thinking. Yesterday is gone. Yesterday people were worried and concerned of their own life hurt. Today these same people will expand themselves and open their minds to possibilities they didn’t realize was inside of them. Their possibilities are endless and their vision will be clear.

History tends to show the angry tyrant negative behaviors and words surrounding us wherever we go. Human behavior is a part of this emotional tirade. We need to control those emotions to be able to inhibit them when we can. When any emotion controls you, you become enraged by that emotion whether fear, anger, love, happy, sad,… We need to gather our emotions and use them as a tool to know when to bring it on and when to leave it alone.

Our emotional barrier erupts in to a twisted negative downward spiral without control of any of it. Positive energy can help control the emotions. A feeling we can get from a positive energy is every thing will be good. Nothing will happen badly and life only gets better. We feel positive inside when we have control over ourselves. Think about a time when you got really angry about somebody who hurt you and you couldn’t control yourself. Take that anger and leave it behind. Step away from the path which could lead to greater darker things.

Send a message of belief in your goodness of your heart and remember that no body is going to hurt you. Every body is going to live their life doing what good passion they have inside of them. Many people don’t realize this because they have greed, anger, and jealousy written in to themselves already. Let go of those feelings and life will be good. Some people may just think their life is not going the way they anticipated, but every thing happens for a reason. We just need to be patient and let things come its way.


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