To enable or not to enable, that is the question?!?!

Enabling a person is allowing someone to continue bad behavior even though they know not to do it. I have to admit in most circumstances enabling any one is not a good thing and just promotes bad behavior. Any body can do anything as long as you teach that person the right way with patience. It takes courage to face ourselves in the mirror talking about how we can improve. Eventually we all need to reach our goals. A goal to achieve which no body else will be able to do for us. If you enable a person for a long time, will this person be able to do the things in life they should be doing? I know it sounds very scary, but I find human beings need to try it on their own sometimes to see if they can do it. In the end, we have to know our limitations, but we also have to know how far we can go. I feel any one can learn anything as long as they put their mind to it and have a patient teacher or mentor.

Bad behavior is when a person knows to do something and can control it, but chooses not to do it. When the person does not realize the behavior, you must try very hard to signal the person not to do it. In the end, it could force any body to disassociate themselves from this person who does not get it or chooses not to do good behavior. Sometimes we just have to move past our fear of moving forward, by just doing it. Fear is not something we should feel anyway.

I learn each day how much stronger to become by doing what I have to do.

Live in your NIKE sneakers!

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