Time changes everything

How many times do I need to tell you…?

A question many people tell me and I am sure you have heard the same question to you as well. Time changes everything. No matter how much we go through a day and tell our tale, things change. I know there are a few who go about their business without worrying and absorbing what they need to know. They just live. Things happen and they don’t give a damn.

Many people I know can’t do this. It is human nature to worry. To be human, you must first enrich in the your life to be the best you can be as well as recognize your weaknesses and use your strengths. Your strengths can strengthen your weaknesses, but your weaknesses can weaken your strengths. It all depends on how you see yourself and your life.

Every single time my life changes, time changes. I work, I drive, I feel, I see, I hear, I listen, and I even smell. What more can I do? We all have a talent in this world, it is just that some see it and some don’t. Some who don’t see it don’t want to unmask their true identity to lift out of them. Some who do see it, wonder how life can be so great. Don’t you want your life to be great too!

I wonder what people become of afraid of doing anyway. Some people fear the most, others fear least, but most importantly we all fear what fear is itself. Is there something to fear? or, Are we just fearing just to feel something?

Why do humans have to feel anything anyway? Is it important to feel? I am wondering if man or woman know why they have to feel.

My webmaster told me recently soon every thing is going to be touch screen. This will be a big change for me since I don’t like touch screen on monitors or phones. He told me it is important for humans to touch something. Well, evolution in time comes in many different packages.

BTW, Does anybody else think Atlantis is the future and we are the past chasing the future?

Someone once told me in a Barnes and Noble that Atlantis is the future. We can’t find Atlantis because we are not in the future. He told me we had traveled back in time leaving Atlantis behind. In the future, he told me Atlantis will be there waiting us.

I know if we go faster than the speed of light we go back in time. I wonder if we all put our heads together we can jump forward to Atlantis. We just have all use more than 10 % of our brains, more like 100 % of our brains. (science tells us we all only use 10 % of our brains)

Anyway, good way to start our brains going.

Time Warping now,


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