Thinking of ways to change the thinking in people’s minds when bickering goes on

Many people stigmatize people with Asperger Syndrome and Autism. It is not right, it is not fair, and nor is it the right of anybody to feel we should not be able to live a life just like anybody else. The debates in Autism go further than we all anticipated. The Vaccine and Curebie Activists feel they are right because they feel Asperger Syndrome and Autism is wrong. It is not wrong, it is just another contribution to the world. People with Asperger Syndrome and Autism are more special than one would think. A common ground needs to be set. Stop the bickering and screaming. Stop all the threats on people. Adults like myself, children with Autism/Aspergers, and Seniors with Autism/Aspergers need the support now. We need to stop and think about why we are fighting so much. There is a true positive to someone like myself with Aspergers and there are also positives to having Autism as well. Autism is a good thing, but also a very broad term. I feel people with any disability especially Aspergers or Autism can bring more joy to this world if Neurotypicals would only listen to us. Instead they push us away and think our voices don’t count.

I know I have not posted in a week or so, but I am still trying to fix up my site. Anyway, I am so excited because when I helped out Hugh Dancy play the part of Adam in the movie ‘Adam’, I really did a great job. The Sundance film Festival really applauded the film with an award.

I wonder if any of the filmmakers or the actors are seeing my website still, and if they are I’d like to say “I want to see this movie.”

Anyway, I have more posts coming up soon. Today is a busy day for me.


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6 thoughts on “Thinking of ways to change the thinking in people’s minds when bickering goes on

  1. mike stanton

    it would also help the bickering to stop if people like yourself would stop repeating the canard that proponents of autism acceptance tell parents to do nothing for their children. We do not support biomedical quackery that is at best no better than placebo and at worst dangerous to health. We question the extravagent claims made for ABA and the assumption that it is the most appropriate interventon for autism. We do support positive interventions to support autistic people throughout the lifespan.

    Curebie is perjorative. I have stopped using it. Parents seeking a cure is more neutral.

    I fail to understand your reference to autistic disorder. The post was about autism in general. Autistic disorder only has meaning within the terms of DSM-IV and that may change when DSM-V is published. One of the reasons that terms like autistic spectrum disorder are becoming more common is because researchers have found that the diagnostic criteria often fail to distinguish between the different syndromes in autism. E.g. many people with Aspergers Syndrome also meet the criteria for autistic disorder.

  2. Disorder

    “Finally can you acknowledge that Autistic Disorder is a neurological disorder and has no meaning outside that context?”

    Thanks for the compliment. /sarcasm

    “No meaning outside that context”? You sure seem to know alot of what it’s like to be me.

    No really, with that claim you are making yourself more than a little ignorant.

    “No meaning outside that context”?

    You do not need to craft ignorance in order to help autistic people, really.

    Autism does, yes, have a wider context.

  3. Harold L Doherty

    “Stop the bickering and screaming.”

    OK. If you are sincere in your comments, how about you agree to stop telling parents of other people’s children, that they should not try to treat or cure their autistic children of their autism disorders.

    And can you also start by agreeing that you will not use hateful and condescending terms like “curebie” in describing caring parents.

    Finally can you acknowledge that Autistic Disorder is a neurological disorder and has no meaning outside that context?

    I look forward to your sincere cooperation.