Thinking of Something good to do: Positivity Day is Tomorrow!

My mind has been rekindling the moment of what I should be doing and what I am doing. I know what I like, I know what I am capable of, so why don’t I just go out and do it. I meet many people lately and observe the fact other people are afraid to do what their passion is. To have a passion to do something is more important than anything in the world. It gives rewards in the end. It is why the Advances in Vascular Imaging and Diagnosis conference came about. It is also why Barack Obama became president of the USA. Or even why Ari Ne’eman discovered his passion to help the Autistic community and people with disabilities to begin a Civil Rights movement.

Every body must know their passion. Once you can accept who you are and love your existing self (not too much) than you will realize your potential. There are many people out in cities and towns around where you live searching for their passion after discovering the economy is hard these days. They are filtering out the money hungry fields and going in to careers which land them great rewards, but only years later. Sometimes it is good to take one step back and move slowly. This way you win your battle.

I want to do something good. I really have the energy, but this summer has been one strange trip down the universe. My grandma was going through tough times in a local hospital and in the end died. Her body just depreciated and became extremely weak because of a simple mistake the local hospital made from the beginning. Anyway, she is no longer suffering. Many people say she is in a better place. The whole experience makes me think of something good to do in the world.

For the matter, POSITIVITY DAY IS tomorrow every where in the world! It begins in New York City and if you don’t know where to go, just be at home promoting positive energy.

I know I have to get going now and get my day started.


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