Think about it, what more can we do these days!

I know it is very hard to deal with at the time, but we should all think about what more we can do these days to help ourselves live better.  We have 2 choices in life.  Better make a decision quickly because time is running fast.  We could all lie to ourselves and make a decision based on our faults or we could be more honest with ourselves.  Based on my decisions in my life I feel I have made good and poor decisions.  Some of my decisions were based on a weak mind because I didn’t have enough strength to move ahead.  Lately, I have had a stronger mind.  For example, I have been not letting people push me around as much as they used to.  Forgetting the past I can only look forward to have a strong mind without anybody influencing me by persuasion.  I have my goals in life and no body can take that away from me.

It hurts to think about it, but the more we can do these days is by sticking to our ground not letting anybody influence us.  The idea is not to be someone else than yourself, but to just be yourself.  To be myself, I need to continue what I like.  I know I am not an ordinary tech, and I am glad I am not.  If I were an ordinary tech I would be just like everyone else and I don’t care to be.  In this day and age, we don’t need anymore ordinary tech’s out there.  We need techs doing the right things.  Besides soon all Ultrasound tech’s will be licensed by each state besides having the registry from ARDMS.

Yes, my friends, things are changing.  Soon we will be seeing only good jobs being done by good people.  Hopefully we see a change in attitude from everyone.

Rich fields come to us only when we see the light and what we are doing is what we like.

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