The end of the weekend, start of a new week

The weekend is coming to an end and we are well on our way through October in the year 2009.  2009 is drawing to an end and 2010 is coming soon. This week will start a change for every body.  It will change the way we think, they we handle our lives, and we will all be moving.  The visions we have are locked on fear because we are afraid of what is out there.   This week is the first week we end fear in all of us.  It is the first time in our lives we will make are life what we were intended for, living are dreams.  Every one  has different dreams, and for every dream brings success in any way we do it and do it in a positive productive manner.  Some of us may dream to be in medicine while others may dream to be something they have always wanted, but were afraid of trying.  A dream comes true only when you know it to be true and feel it in your bones down to your soul.

Believe me, this week we will all try to be the best of what we were meant for.  It is our duty or mission to fulfill that goal to be a contributing member of society.  Forget about where the money starts out, just remember how long it takes to climb the ladder of success because in 15 years from now you will look back thinking of your achievements.  Every one struggles to get to the top and if we didn’t we would all be kidding ourselves.  Jealousy is a curse amongst all of us that contributes to dark twisted evil lurking in our brains to hurt someone.  Never let the jealousy take the best of you.  Just block it out and leave it nestled in the corner of your mind never bringing it up again.

OR, you will always be: (lurking with your eyes)

Think of October as POSITIVITY MONTH TO Take (out the paper and) the Trash!

Posting again soon,

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