The way of the world in a forceful century

The world is changing before our eyes. There are many people who are angry. It is almost as if a Star Wars revolt is about to begin. Wait…Emperor Palpatine has entered the building. Shh, before you get hurt. For an instant you started to feel the suffering the Emperor would have given you right, well, that is the suffering you will feel if you don’t fight the dark side of the force. Many dictators in the world today are leading the dark side of the force. They are ready, but are we ready to come together as one? We must be ambitious and bring balance to the force. We don’t have a Luke Skywalker to save the day now.

We only have each other to build the positive Jedi force to defeat the dark side. I heard the news in Iran with the new leader, the happenings in North Korea, and even other leaders in the world demonstrating as well. Its all coming together and we have to be ready. People are scared, People are angry, People hate, and now its ready for the suffering just like Yoda said would happen. Its not too late to put an end to this whole fear issue. Let go of your fears everyone and think positive. Think back to your purest feelings of livelihood which makes you happy. Even leaders around the world need to let go of their fears. MOVE FORWARD!

A Journey of the billions of people in the world only starts with one step over the line in order to bring balance to the force.

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