The unique wisdom an individual has to become a person

I have been reading “On Becoming A Person” by Carl Rogers and Re-reading John Stuart Mill’s “On Liberty” often these days. As I sit before my desk thinking of the new year, thinking about the surgery I just had, and thinking about my great life I am going to have, I realize the differences we all have in our goals. No body in this world is the same, but every body needs to show their individuality which makes them unique amongst anybody else. Especially Individuals who are Autistic (Asperger’s or Autism). I am a person with unique inspiring talents to bring vision just like anybody else.  A world of connectivity, a world with a great network of people to spread our minds out further than what we do  right now. Right now we only use 10 % of our minds, we need to use more!

Connecting our brain waves to an utterly clean waveform of living in this world. A mind with waveforms which are never ending in the spectrum of learning. Talk to every single person in your neighborhood wherever you live, wherever you go in this world to communicate the  perception that individuals  in this world including people who are Autistic  become a person like anybody else  eventually.  Whether Neurotypical or Autistic we are in the end all trying to become a person.   Some more slowly than others, but in the end we all become a person.

It is said by Carl Rogers  On Becoming A Person, in What it means to become a person, page 122, Rogers states,

“to recognize that ‘I am the one who chooses’ and ‘I am the one who determines the value of an experience for me’ is both an invigorating and a frightening realization.”

I feel this is an inspiring quote from this mighty book by Carl Rogers because it makes everybody realize we ALL are choosers for ourselves. People who are on the Autism Spectrum like myself may need help getting there a bit more, but eventually we  get there just like individuals who are considered Neurotypicals.  It may seem like we are hopeless at first, but that is only your perception of something on the outside. There is deeper wisdom inside of People on the Autism Spectrum that can do inventions and great things the world is waiting to see.

In another quote I found by John Stuart Mill’s  “On Liberty,” Of thought and discussion chapter page 19,  Mill states,

“Because he has felt that the only way in which a human being can make some approach to knowing the whole of a subject is by hearing what can be said about it by persons of every variety of opinion,…No wise man ever acquired his wisdom in any mode but this; nor is it in the nature of human intellect to become wise in any other manner.”

This quote says many things.  In my opinion,  John Stuart Mill is telling every one to listen to every human voice in this world, every breathing human being because every one’s uniqueness rises and flourishes in the end.  Mine is just beginning.

I feel Mill and Rogers views are connected in some way.  I feel by connecting every thought or idea people have, you get great invention.

Take it easy and think about this… more to come on this topic…


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