The Real Back to the Future

Autism Speaks doesn’t speak for me or anyone else with any form of Autism. This is a fight to the bitter end for every body with any form of Autism to show their gifts to the world and to show we do have a purpose. The brutal war between Autism Speaks and Autistics themselves is a constant battle hopefully will end soon. The real future will give every body their rights especially to speak in any way they can to let the public know how they feel. I am happy to report the many other Autistic individuals are voicing to bring down Autism Speaks, “I am Autism” film. Speak more now or watch the gifts disappear.

We need to do more to show people who are not Autistic (Neurotypical) that no body will  be left not to talk or even spoken down upon.  Autism is a gift and many people need to see this. We need to all work together in order to strive past our differences. We need to live our life and forget about negative feelings/emotions toward gifts given to every body.

Think of all the many blessings in your life because there are many if you open your eyes.

Now as you can see the title of this post is The Real Back to the Future. This Future is now and the time to give ourselves a pat on the back for everything given to us. Let’s join hands and listen to every one including Autistic individuals like myself. Autistic is a term which may seem to be confusing for some, but it refers to every body on the Spectrum.

Always be who you are, and don’t be afraid of yourself or any one you feel is different. Every body is different. Every body learns. Every body is scared. Although every body can triumph past their fears.

Take a look in the mirror for yourself and repeat after me:

once again, I will be back soon with another post (next post is the many ways we can appreciate our gifts in to our life)


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