The observations of individuals around me

A view of different ways to approach people come in many different packages. When you approach any person, you must do it with care. The saying Not everyone likes everybody can be misleading at times. Individuals can be liked once they become a person. A individual only becomes a person when they transform in to a person. It is very hard for many individuals to become a person because a lot of the times, the individual can not break through certain obstacles which hurt them a long the way. We as individuals in the world need to become the person we should have always been, but had a hard time discovering our true self.

How will this come to be? How can any individual truly become a person? Is it possible to overcome the hurt which any individual struggling to become a person has been delayed? Feelings of hurt from excessive bullying or even Stockholm’s syndrome or bad feelings from what has become of the individual not becoming the person they want to become can be very painful.

I have noticed negativity comes from angry feelings inside which move past an individual becoming a person. Not too many people can do the same things as anybody else. Every one has their own niche in society.

Think about the life you have attained so far to see if you have had obstacles which hurt your image of yourself to become a person.

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