The New Year always brings innovation and invention no matter what

A real way of looking at the new year each year brings innovation and invention.  I am still in the hospital writing this posting, but I felt like writing a posting right now.  Aspie Bird left a comment on my blog telling me  she would like more response to people’s writings and to Just Do it.  Is this simple enough?

2009 for me will bring me more innovation and invention just like anybody else.   For me, I will be thinking of my resolutions I currently made to improve myself.  Some of these are concerning while others are just a mere contemplation of what should be.  Here is something which brings us joy and happiness.  Patience. The virtue of patience.  Some people very close to me or others who are not merely a wink in my eye lack patience.

The Adaptations program at the Jcc Manhattan lacks patient people.  The ones who are patient in the program like Manny discover it is very hard to deal with impatient people in the world.  By far, people need to relax and take it easy.  Another thing about this program is it is a 20’s and 30’s program to get people  back on their feet to independence while many people in the program use the program as a crutch.  There is one person in the program who is basically 50 years old yet still in the program.  It upsets me and hurts me dearly when a 50 year old was allowed in to the program while a current friend of mine from Pennslyvania

as not allowed in this program and he is 43 years old. This is literally unfair and inappropriate by the JCC Manhattan. I feel the Adaptations program needs to develop a mission statement for the program. Like I said a few months ago in a post about this program, Adaptations should be a cycle program. Let me explain, when a new member joins the program, this new member should use the program to its fullest in order to get on their feet to independence. No body should be grandfathered or grandmothered in just because they are using the program as a crutch.

For example, Creative Alternatives of New York is a drama therapy group which works with the Adaptations program to assist members in becoming better people. Many of the members insist this program and Adaptations itself will be in their lives forever. This is not so. Eventually, you should not need the program anymore.

My mom makes good points by saying to me and a few of my Adapatations member friends about how it is nice we are making friends in the program which speeds up the independence, but in the end we have to all become independent people.

I think about all these people who are not in a program like this one or not in any program at all. It makes me feel like many people in the program forget about these other people. People who are on the Autism Spectrum who lack the skills they need to live fulfilling lives.

Adaptations needs a change in a big way by establishing a program where many experienced social workers who know how to deal with the Autism Spectrum can make adults Adults. My friend from Pennslyvania is
very lost and so is many other people as well. They seek support too.

Why take in a Creepy 50 year old man in to the Adaptations program without also taking my friend who is 43 years old from Pennsylvania.

I am very ashamed at some of the Adaptations members and the program itself in a lot of ways. I feel it is needs more ways to draw in only 20’s and 30’s who are willing to better their lives in a big way. As to my friend who is 43 from Pennsylvania living with false hopes, I know 2009 will be his year to finally get his life in

2009 will be a year of change for every one. I do not like impatient people and people who are so greedy they fall in to a trap.

Think about your new year’s resolutions and think about what resolutions you’d want.

I just want to actively stay healthy mind, body, and soul. If it means after my surgery I need to go to a gym, I will. I will also meditate as often as I can.

Take it easy,


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2 thoughts on “The New Year always brings innovation and invention no matter what

  1. Emanuel

    As I was reading through your different postings, I came across this particular post. I read through it for about 5-10 minutes and I absorbed it fairly well and I wanted to respond to it.

    I strongly feel that patience is a very important attribute in many ways. It helps others think about how to go about doing many things, for example, taking time to do a research paper in order to get a good grade on it rather than rushing it and risk not doing as well. Also, in terms of social situations, when one is trying to get across an idea that is important to others, and they pay attention and wait until that person is finished before saying anything. This shows that the they are patient and mature. I have heard the expression “good things come to those who wait”. This could not be more true and many other people, not just those in adaptations, but other people whether NTs or other people on the autistic spectrum should follow this. As a result, better things probably will happen for them.

    I totally agree that it was not fair that your friend should not have been allowed into Adaptations. He needs this program a lot more because he wants to fit in with others, who are similar to him. This would help him think that he is not the only one who has issues like this. Even though he lives on his own, he does not get the support that he needs in certain ways, such as getting help in finding employment that suits his skills and strengths, finding a social support group, just to say a few. This would help him build his self-esteem and confidence.

    As for the people who don’t need the program as much anymore like they did in the past, they can serve as role models to help those in the program be the best that they can be in many areas of life.