The New Year 2010 is upon us now after a long 2009

The New Year 2010 brings positive things to come, and most importantly it brings us a new decade. A decade from 2000-2009 was different than anything we have ever imagined with so much negativity with very little positive to see or hear about. Next year starts our new decade in just a few moments when this post goes up. I feel we need to start to get back on our feet. To start, the new year starts with an incredible Television series on PBS called ‘This Emotional Life’.

Our emotions tend to get the better of us and especially during this previous decade. We should start to feel our self fulfillment and pride rather than looking over our shoulders to the next person. Once we look at our self, we begin to erase the word Jealousy and Envy from our existence. We all have something to contribute to this world which we can create or invent.

Time for countdown now as we are drawing closer to 2010…

As I write this next sentence it is 11:50 and ten minutes to 2010!

Things will be better because I feel people will little by little stop and think about being positive. They will stop to think about how not to be jealous or envious of another, by starting to live.

It really should not matter what you want out of your life because you make your life. Your life can be a roller coaster ride of adventure in emotions or it can be striving to get what you want without looking at other people.

I know it is very hard to do this, but we must all try!!

It is nearly 6 minutes right till the ball drops in Time Square, NY for 2010 to start and a new decade upon us.

Please fulfill yourself and remember not to look at anyone else, but yourself. Jealousy leads to many things and many ways to hurt someone else who succeed with hard work.

4 minutes to go… OMG, here it comes…

I will write something as 12:00 comes up again.

Gregarious Revolution fiction story is continuing so be patient as it comes up soon on this site!

Please 3 minutes to go…

2 minutes to go….

alright I guess I will be posting this soon enough…

see you soon and blogging again soon.


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