Stems from Bullies in this world

The stems from bullies in this world come from the insecurities many people have. People tend to bully because they don’t know what else to do with themselves. Many people who are Autistic like myself have been victimized too many times by bullies even today. It is a constant battle for me to conquer over a bully. I have been wondering where bullies stem from and came up with a theory of what a bully can be thinking in their mind. May be some of the stems from bullies in this world could be how a bully can not accept certain things in their life while at the same time not having the security to unmask their true self. An individual who becomes a bully does so because other people in their life most likely a parent or guardian hurt them. The hurt creates anger and more pain to spread to other people.

This negative energy develops the pain in everybody. Unfortunately, this is a normal human reaction to feeling pain. I wonder where the first pain from the first bully developed. Could it be from being in a war? or, Could it be from seeing violence in some other way? and What is the difference between war and violence anywhere? We need to teach as early as we can the positive euphoric nature in which a person can always feel. The people who have grown up and felt the pain from negative experiences in their life need to find an outlet to talk to someone who can help them deal with the pain constructively. This way the pain does not move from person to person.

We need to all think twice about how we interact with a person who we meet or know for quite some time. A simple word can cause catastrophic consequences. At the same time, the few who are strongest need to ignore the simple word (s) that a person tells them to continue doing good things in this world. Negative energy and talk like even a sneer or a way of expressing yourself in a jealous manner by putting emphasis on a certain word can be destructive to any one. Jealousy goes a long way. I have learned this is human nature and may be jealousy is the stems to bullying, but I do not know for sure since there are many factors to bullies.

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One thought on “Stems from Bullies in this world

  1. Karine

    Great post, Jason.
    Indeed, people who show bullying behaviours are generally insecure and angry because of some events that happened to them. They often feel misunderstood and ignored. Their bullying behaviour only exacerbates this feeling as others tend to avoid them at all cost. Unless they find an outlet to vent their issues constructively, they stay stuck in this vicious circle.

    Here is one thing I think we can all do to help: do our best to be more tolerant and less judgmental, and be open enough to clarify any misunderstanding… Thus keeping the wave of positive energy going! 🙂