Spending time wondering about my future

Have you ever wondered about your future? Do you think you are going in the right direction? I work with a cardiologist for over 3 years now and have gained vast amounts of experience. I enjoy learning. The question I want to know is there a limit to the amount of different types of studies I can do. I am an ultrasound tech who performs cardiac and vascular, but I wonder if I should to do general ultrasound as well. It would be really nice for me, but I really love Vascular Ultrasound the best. Vascular Ultrasound is very unique because I get to spend time not just on one particular area. Now I can do both! Someday I would really want to learn Pediatric Echo also because I want to work with children. I have a friend who does Pediatric Echo in the Bronx, but I have not heard from him in a long time.

I wonder sometimes if I can ask this friend of mine to teach me Pediatric Echo as an added Bonus for me. I don’t know how to get in touch with him anymore. As a Vascular Ultrasound and Adult Echo Tech, I feel my need to complete me.

Once again I am continuing to learn more than I can possibly know in medicine from the cardiologist I work with. It has been a huge blessing for me. If any of you have problems with varicose veins in your legs and live in New York, please contact me on my site and I can put you in touch with my job.


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