September is Through, October is near…

Many people don’t realize the fundamental desires of their life. If you look at the poll question for today you will understand. I don’t understand the jealousy which seeps in to many people’s blood when these jealous people live their lives. What happened to the good ole’ gracious life people are supposed to live?

Not every one will be as successful as the next person, but that doesn’t mean you need to be jealous. Jealousy is a curse. Jealousy proves to g-d many things especially one thing in particular. Feelings are mutual, please live your life to the fullest and strive for whatever you need to strive for. The person who becomes jealous can not see their own self-confidence and talent. Instead they decide to destroy the inner workings of someone else. It is very evil and dark. Remember the White Witch who hated Aslan or Anakin Skywalker.

Things happen, but in stages. We must build up to the experience we want in order to reap our rewards.

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