Send a message of Belief

Send a message Belief, not hope, not cure! It is important to believe in what a person can do not hoping because it is very negative to hope. Belief, now that is the energy we need to get through a day.
Today I’d like every one to send at least 1 message of Belief any body on the Autism Spectrum to achieve the goals they want not what you want.

Think, Believe, Achieve!

It is an incredible journey in life, one in which the feelings we have sometimes get too emotional. Try and believe and you will achieve.

Now here is a short poem:

Lemon drops falling
in my nose,
while cherries filling
in my mouth,
I smell the sour,
I taste the sweet,
As the sour fades
and the sweet remains
I see something as great
as candy land,
it’s called Lot’s of Luck
in a sweet land of belief!

Take it easy,

Posting later on,


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