Rivers of Dreams in a passion of roses

(Dreams come true! If you put your mind to your dream and stop at nothing make it come true.)

Another poem by J.S.R.

A bed of roses lies in the midst,
it flashes against the tarnish
of the winds,
it crushes my soul
and yours.
the thorns split
our skin.
Love can hurt,
Love can be beautiful,
Love can be stuck,
Love can be remote,
but most of all Love just is
a River of Dreams
with a passion for
all desires to come.
Some of those desires
are a river running
through you, but
in the end it
is us.

(Some things in life are free, some things in life are not, and some things in life are just plain challenging. A desire to do something which will make us the best person we could become is a challenge and very rewarding. Even with our struggles, we become someone in the end. Never lose sight of what you want to become because essentially you can gain it.)

There are many people, parents in particular with children who have autism/aspergers like I have who need to take the time out with patience to listen to their children more. Autism/aspergers is the one thing which can make this world a better place and you better believe it since it makes wonders. Trust me, look at me!!!!!

Anyway, there are ways in which finding a cause and a cure for Autism can hurt this world and ruin the ever existence of more inventors, poets, writers, scientists, musicians, artists, etc. Don’t you want more in this world and not less. If you want more, you will save Autism/Aspergers from being so-called cured when it doesn’t have to be this way. It is a positive thing more than anything else in the world.

I am drawing fantasy creatures now and will try and scan them in and show it to you all.

What fantasy creature do you love?

anyway, gotta go. 🙂


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