Flag resemblance of me

A prose about how I feel:

Flag resemblance of me

by JSR

Situated in my room
at night, I find it dark
and quiet.
I boost myself up suddenly
realizing I need to do something.
Feeling my life is not over,
feeling a sense I need more,
more to do, more to achieve,
more to succeed, more to
get off my chest.
People may not understand
everything I’ve been through
since I’ve been through a lot.
Take the flag resembling you
and wave it with pride;
a unique flag symbolizing
your hope for the future.
I took out my flag
spread it out and
waved it a few times
symbolizing the joy
everybody will have one day once again.

Poem now:

Coming of age in a Still night,
by JSR

I sit and wait
and wait
and wait,
abruptly I rise up.
It goes further through me
till the second when I collapse.
I feel the pain like a knife shooting
straight through my heart.
I don’t know what to do,
a man with a knife
just went and twisted it
in to my heart.
He ran away laughing
He ran way past the authorities
giggling with glee.
I lay on the ground wondering
what to say except lift my hands for help.
no body is around and now I am fading fast
with eyes falling till they shut completely.
I begin traveling through a bright aurora
further in to the light  until I see the end.
I reach the end of the light and see many people
gathered by my side.
Am I dead or am I alive.
I felt dead. I see people I know to be alive
and wonder if I am dreaming or was I imagined before.
People see me in front of a room
with dozens of people at a time.
I feel a presence like no other.
I feel my mind, body, and spirit lifted
once again.
Everybody shouts with an heroic “Whoopee!”
I see a woman I can’t even recognize
she runs up to me with a big hug and smothering kiss.
I am still feeling like a sack of potatoes.
What goes up, must come down, I think.
The people around me cheering for joy
thank me and shout out, “Congratulations!”
I don’t know what is going on still.
Then, I see someone else in the room
and the room goes silent,
everything is gray with no body around.
I begin talking to this person in a gray setting.
He tells me “this is your party for the
good deed you performed.”
The light comes back and he no longer around.
I see many faces I recognize while others are
faces of people just so happy with joy
like no other gaiety in the world.
Now I begin to wake up and I hear
the bells and noises of a wing in a room
at a hospital. My pulse going and going,
my bandage near my chest.
The man who tried to kill me
apparently never did.
I wake up once again in my bed at
home.  It was all a dream.
I go out and realize that day
I was not really stabbed in the heart.
It just was as real as anything else.
It felt hurt and I got very angry all of a sudden.
Not until a person comes up to me saying
“you are the gift.”
I ask “what are you talking about?”
she says “people are the gifts of life
and you are the only one who
realizes it.”
I felt very annoyed, and left.
the true inner self of life I thought is:
We should all realize this gift.
The gift of life.  The gift of
ourselves being a fiery
force in to the wind
stopping at nothing to gain our aim
to finish what we started:
A life to make a world of difference
A life where we invent, create,
or help in any way we can.
Think of this and fly away…
The End.

I hope you enjoyed my prose and poetry….

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2 thoughts on “Flag resemblance of me

  1. Aspie Bird

    Hi Jason,
    Thank you for your comment on my last blog post.
    I think your opinion is interesting.
    I read your poetry here
    and I think
    it is special and pure

    Thank you for sharing thougts with me/us
    Aspie Bird