Proper ways of Adult Behavior

There are many things needed to be done in order to behave like an Adult. There are a few different behaviors to look out for to be a true Adult. The top 3 behaviors is taking responsibility for yourself and being responsible; paying attention; and finally, knowing how to control the emotions. An individual must be treated like an Adult and learn take it. When an individual acts like an Adult, they have observed proper ways to behave, and put their behavior to action.

Responsibility is very important for any person to be an Adult. There are many things to be responsible for including yourself, your job, and your family. The important factor is not knowing when to behave properly, but knowing the behavior in order to behave properly all the time. Knowing when to goof off, be serious, help out, etc.

My feeling is it is easier to act like a little kid than an Adult, but in order to be treated with dignity and honor, we must not act like a little kid. Acting like a child is not taking responsibility and letting someone else take the heat. Eventually we all have to take the heat and stand on our own 2 feet. By standing on our own 2 feet, we learn from our mistakes.

I have made many mistakes in my past some I have learned from, but many I have not learned from yet. Here is a list of behavioral techniques for all of us to be an Adult all the time:

1) Take it like a man or woman that you are (a man stands tall, a woman stands tall, they both are different, but the same)
2) Be Honest!
3) Be grateful for what you have!
4) Be Trustworthy and never go around talking about other people! Talk about other things like interests you may have…(I know it may be easier to talk about other people, but in the end you will get hurt for it)
5) Work hard to pay your bills!
6) Move Forward just like Light Year Man!! (story I am writing)
7) Start a family and keep it going!
8) Spend your money wisely on important stuff!
9) Control your emotions including sexuality!
10) Be Secure!
Finally number 11) Just be YOURSELF!

If you follow this list you will be an Adult forever!!!

Evaluate your life and think about if you are an Adult or a child.

Remember we are all learning at different paces and some of us may need more time to get there than others. I know I am learning slower, and soon I will be there.

do you sometimes feel like this?

Stay Strong, Be humble, and remember I will be posting again soon,


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