Pictures from the hospital…

Here is some pictures from the hospital throught New Year’s Eve…

Some of these pictures reflect things which are play by play…

stories from the hospital to come in a few minutes.



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2 thoughts on “Pictures from the hospital…

  1. Carrie

    Hi Jason! This is the first time I’ve visited your blog. I heard about your blog from watching “This Emotional Life” (I think thats what its called). I’ve read a little bit of your poetry and REALLY like it….can’t wait to read more! I’m a Respiratory Therapist in Salt Lake City, Utah and noticed the Incentive Spirometer that is on your lap in one of your pics. Why were you in the hospital?…(I hope that isn’t too personal of a question). I just liked you immediately when I saw you on the show (this emotional life). I’m so happy that you have this blog and I’m so excited to read more.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful evening Jason!


  2. nogwltp

    hi jason. we are busy working but we just took a break to catch up on dmc. we like the video although you need to film one of chloe doing something more interesting than just looking at the camera and licking!
    it is 75 degrees here in NOLA today and we like to party. take care.

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