Gregarious Revolution Episode 3

(Continuing the story once again which just keeps on getting more interesting…)

The ride back to the farm where Regina lives was very quiet. Light Year Man and Flash Forward were staring out in to space thinking about the time they first met Regina and her father. They didn’t understand how Regina could not remember them at first, but she was just a child. Light Year Man as Regina calls him just wants to get through his mission. Flash Forward had followed his friend along the way to help him out as friends who care always do.

When they get back to the farmhouse, something odd happened when they were gone. The barn burnt down to the ground and is no more. Regina runs out running towards the burnt down barn which had been around for 50 plus years. She begins to cry when she reaches the barn. Her animals wandered away in to the forest and she lost most of her crops.

Light Year Man and Flash Forward walk slowly to the forest when Regina wipes her tears asking them “Where are you going?”

Light Year Man answers “We are just resting by this tree at the edge of the forest.”

Regina asks one more thing “Why are you here?”

Light year Man says “Why do you think?”

Regina says “Well I really don’t remember what happened years ago, I was only 5 years old.”

Light Year Man says “Follow me and you should remember now.”

Light Year Man and Flash Forward begin walking in to the forest while Regina follows them. The sun is beaming now on their heads and it is very hot. Regina is sweating about to pass out when Light Year Man stops suddenly. The clouds begin to move in closer as the sun disappears. A hole in the ground with silvery light appears suddenly in front of them. Light Year Man says to Regina “This is our wormhole.” Regina does not quite understand, but in front of her is a dark hidden cave with Ivy vines all around it. Instead of entering the wormhole, the 3 of them enter in to the cave.

As the 3 of them enter in to the cave, Light Year Man talks to Flash Forward first. Flash Forward leaves the cave while Regina and Light Year Man walk through the darkness. It is very dark, but Light Year Man starts a bit of a fire in front of himself. They walk around the fire only to find a torch to light from the fire. After the torch is lit, they enter in to the rest of the cave.

They pass by through the cave which suddenly gets smaller to the point they have to bend their heads. They see drawings on the wall of many different artifacts from 10 years back. Finally the enter in to a wide open tall room that looks to be a huge temple, but instead is just a place to think. The wormhole suddenly appears again, but they both ignore it. Instead Light Year Man begins talking to Regina.

He says “Do you remember now?”

Regina says “I remember my father taking me to a dark place and I felt very scared.”

Light Year Man says “Well, I want you to remember something important from this room. Look ahead of you.”

Regina says “I see something ahead of me, but can’t really identify it. It is very bright.”

“That my friend is a gold crown which many people would call god’s crown, but I call it my master’s crown he left here nearly 10,000 years ago.” says Light Year Man

“I recall you showed some things to my father now.” says Regina

“Yes I did, and the mission I am here for is to prove to you why you were chosen to help me.” says Light Year Man, “But, do you know why you were chosen to help me?”

“No I don’t.” answers Regina

“Would you like to know?” asks Light Year Man

“I am not sure, but yes.” says Regina

“What you are about to here is shocking, but the truth. Your father made an oath to me years ago when you were a little girl right here. He had told me he would help me when the time came and the time is now. I trained him in this cave to fight and speak from a hero’s heart. I taught him many fighting arts no body which can fight the evil messing with the world right now. I gave him a name from my planet calling him …(shocker it was too loud and scratchy to hear, though it sounds like Man of Kong Fu). He marched through the cave trying to fight like I do. Although he was a very sick man like you already know. You had were always with him and made an oath too back then without realizing it. Look on the back of your arm now.”

Regina looks on the back of her arm which she always believed was a birthmark, but instead looks like a symbol on Light Year Man’s hand as well burnt in to his skin as well. Regina asks, “What is this?”

Light Year Man says “this is the oath you made.”

Regina stares at the crown of the King with teary eyes knowing every thing she has ever known is going to change now….

Light Year Man says “My mission here is …”

(as Part VI ends, you will have to wait to know what the mission is all about. Think to yourself, about the changes going on in your life and about the changes going on in the character in this story) Do you like the story so far? What could happen next? Could it be any better? It is a story in the making…

Follow your heart to the dreams which wrought in your life. Coincidences happen for a reason…

posting soon enough,


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