Gregarious Revolution Episode 2

(The continuation of the story you all will be talking and thinking about)

Regina enters the hospital with her two new friends from a long distance away.  Light Year Man and Flash Forward, the names Regina gave to her two new friends, are walking up to the front desk of the hospital with Regina as she gets 3 passes in to the hospital. The 3 of them walk to the elevator as Light Year Man notices a flower pot by the elevator sparkling with great pride.  He stares at the flower for a minute until the elevator comes by.  Then, the 3 of them walk in to the elevator with seems to have a failing light and moving very slowly.  They reach the 10th floor of the hospital and walk not even half way down the hallway to see the only room on the floor closed.  Regina whispers to the two friends, “He’s in there.” She walks up to the door, turns the knob, as all 3 of them walk in to the room.

Her father seemed very drained and worn out.  His eyes were closed, but his chest was rising with forceful breaths.  As Regina comes forward to give her father a kiss on the forehead, her father opens his eyes to his amazement, he sees Light Year Man and Flash Forward.

Regina introduces her father “Okay, pay attention, this is my father, Malcolm.”

Malcolm sits his body up straight in bed with eyes glaring at Light Year Man especially when he says, “The pleasure is mine to meet you both.”

Regina begins telling his father what had happened, “Dad, these two are not random people. I believe they are who you used to talk about when I was a little girl.”

Her father sits up further with glaring eyes saying “No hon’, I believe you met them before when you were around 5 years old.”

“Why are they here today, Dad?” asks Regina

“I don’t know, let’s ask them.” says her father, then her dad asks Light Year Man directly with glaring eyes “Why are you back?”

Light Year Man gracefully reports “You don’t remember what had happened 15 years ago.”

The father taken aback says “I remember meeting you, yes, but I don’t remember exactly what had happened.”

Light Year Man says “We had a meeting. We were talking in the woods and your daughter was playing with some dolls/toys running around.  We spoke about a day when it was necessary for me to come back. It is necessary and my friend followed me this time.  Our names are not Light Year Man and Flash Forward, those are just names your daughter gave to us because she said she couldn’t pronounce our names. I believe you know my true name and my friend will tell you his true name if you care to know.” Then, Light Year Man says “We spoke for a few hours and you even showed us some sporting games you knew about.  The meeting concluded by informing you we will be back when the time comes. The time is now…we had a foreseen a crisis and it has happened…”

The father says “Yes, I do remember Light Year Man. Your name was very long and loud.  I believe I nicknamed you, G.  What is your name Flash Forward?

Flash Forward says “Just refer me as Friend of G or you can use your daughter’s name for me.”

“Ok” Malcolm and Regina say together

Malcolm begins to cry saying to them “I can not seem to help you with your task because I am dying. I was diagnosed with —sobs— pancreatic cancer.  I don’t have much time left.”

Light Year Man says “We know Malcolm.  That is why I did not come to you.  Your daughter insisted on having us meet with you anyway. We have to get going now because there is lot’s to do in so little time…”

Malcolm says “Good Luck my old friend!”

Light Year Man says “Stay strong Malcolm and we will be sure to keep you informed… You need to rest.”

Light Year Man, Flash Forward, and Regina walk out of the room. Regina stands outside the room crying and one of the nurses comes over to her for comfort.  She tells the nurse, “No, I will be alright.”

Light Year Man and Flash Forward lead the way as Regina walks behind them. Before she gets in to the elevator, she looks out the window at the bright sun in her eyes wondering…

They all walk in to the elevator as the door slowly closes its door Regina gazes at the sun till she has a few minutes of in the closed elevator with her 2 new friends…

(story coming back soon, just hold your horses and be patient)


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