Gregarious Revolution Episode 2

Here is a brief recap of the story I am writing:

A woman in the woods sees a fallen star

Out of the blue a man appears before her

She can’t pronounce his name so she calls him Light Year Man

They walk back to the farm house where she lives

They have dinner and he sends him to the barn to sleep

Overnight his friend appears out of nowhere with L.Y.M’s pet and talk with a translator

They go to sleep….


(And now the story continues of Light Year Man) titled : Gregarious Revolution

The next morning Light Year Man is sleeping on the hay of the barn next to an open window of the barn when a burst of sun blasts in to his face and a rooster screams.  Light Year Man jumps up out of the hay almost in disarray as if he was on fire.  The animals inside in the barn start to panic and make noise moving toward Light Year Man and his friend who is still sleeping.  A cow from the barn wakes his friend and his friend screams out “AAAAARGH.”

All of a sudden the barn door opens up and there is standing Regina who looks very angry.  She runs up to the hay which is burnt from the fire last night asking Light Year Man, “What’s going on here?”

Light Year Man says “I don’t know, I awoke by that screaming animal you have with wings.”

Regina responds saying “It’s a rooster! It is supposed to wake us up to get the farm started early before it gets hot.”

“Right on.” says Light Year Man

“Who is this standing next to you and what kind of creature is next to him?” asks Regina

Light Year Man responds back saying “This is my friend which you won’t be able to say his name and my pet KRUTCHOFOLA SNUFOPOLA. The creature is what Earthlings would call a dog.”

“What? A dog? It looks more like an Octopus than a dog?!?! I will just keep him in this cage while we are gone.” says Regina

“Well…” says Light Year Man and his friend together

“Ok then I will call your friend Flash Fire so I can identify the two of you now.” then Regina says “Light Year Man and Flash Fire please come to the house to have breakfast. We are having scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and fruit with a glass of Orange Juice.”

“Whatever that is! It sounds good to me.” says Light Year Man and Flash Fire together

As Flash Fire and Light Year Man walk over to the house slowly when Regina left, Flash Fire urges Light Year Man they might need her help in their Quest for helping the people of Earth with their problems. Light Year Man notes he senses that Regina could be the chosen one on Earth.  Only time will tell if this is true, but Light Year Man and Flash Fire see a certain light surrounding Regina signifying their Kingdom on their planet.

They enter the house and Regina serves them breakfast when a ball of fiery gas flies out of nowhere.  Regina’s body becomes golden white surrounding her body and Light Year Man is stunned.  Flash Fire starts laughing because he had played a practical joke and Light Year Man smacks him in the back to stop.  Regina becomes her usual self asking the two of them what’s wrong. The two of the shake their heads and eat their breakfast because Regina supposedly didn’t realize what was going on the whole time.  Time had frozen her during the event that Flash Fire contributed to.

After breakfast, Regina takes them in to town to visit her dad in the hospital where an important mix of events are about to happen… Her dad is very ill with end stage pancreatic cancer.  He has been working on the farm for many years since his dad left the farm to him before he got sick.  An event happened nearly 50 years ago to her father where the father inadvertently became a part of two worlds not even realizing how.  Regina wanted to talk to her father with Light Year Man and Flash Fire because they seem like the types of men her father used to talk about…

(Gregarious Revolution to be continuing…)

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