Part III of the storyline

A story from an unknown world in to Earth.   There comes a time in someone’s life when a single person makes a difference in their life. In this case, in Regina’s case, a man from another planet meets her for the first time. This man who she could not pronounce the name,  calls him Light Year Man instead.  He came from a burst of light.  The two of them come back from the woods to find out her home is empty.  She lives with her parents and brother, but her parents are on vacation for two weeks and her brother is out with friends.  Most of the time her brother rarely comes home.  She decides to show Light Year Man around the house which is one floor and very spacious.  Since there is no room in the house for him to sleep,she shows him a place to sleep out in the barn instead.  She cooks him what she hunted for earlier for dinner.  When dinner is finally ready, he spits the food out informing her he hates it.  She looks at him and continues to eat her dinner.

Light Year Man decides to go to bed after dinner and walks over to the barn.  He didn’t realize what is happening to him as he marched over to open the gate.  He feels himself changing body form and saw something at the foot of the door inside the barn.  Regina had knitted some clothing together for him earlier before cooking dinner.  He took the clothes and walked inside of the barn.  He realizes his body is  becoming more and more transparent.  He feels unusual.  He experiences seeing his friend appear out of nowhere like a burst of light appeared before his friend appeared.  The friend has his pet with him as well.  He begins seeing his body physical once again. They begin speaking in their language from the planet they are from, but they could not talk for long.  They had started a fire in the barn from their conversation.  Light Year Man sees a tub of water and dumps it straight on to the fire.

Light Year Man begins talking in some kind of sign language from their planet as he puts on the clothing Regina had made for him by putting it over his clothes.  Light Year Man strokes the pet as he writes a note on paper after they pull out a translator from his friend’s pocket.

The note states:  “We need to hurry fast on this planet.  Our people want to balance the universe not watch anybody suffer. ”

His friend writes down: “Don’t worry I have it covered.” then writes, “We need to stop the suffering. We need to stop the man causing the pain.”

Light Year Man writes something down one last time before bed: “I didn’t mean to come here. I was planting on my garden, but I fell and here I am.  May be we need to make the most of being here by helping.”

His friend writes: “Yes, my friend, we are here only to help.”

They then fall asleep on separate sides of the barn with the pet wandering around.  The night is still.

(The story continues sometime soon. I hope you like it. It only gets better.)


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