October is Positivity Month!

Think of letting go of the anger inside of you and watch it disappear.

Remind yourself every day this month to stop the pain, the jealousy, the anger!

Write down all your negative feelings on a big sheet of paper, rip up, and throw it away.  Think nothing more of it.

Time to live your life to the fullest as you can make it.


by J.S.R

Forever in the midst of the sky,
a bird flies so high
to get to the edge between
the heavens and earth.
This bird flies millions of miles
away to find out a discovery
within itself.
Mighty the bird may be,
captivating the inner strength
and wellness of its health,
the bird flies back down to earth
to not only see a generation of people,
but to see his family.
In the midst of the fog over the people,
he sees the generation of people
swimming with emotional energy.
Lovers loving,
people feeling jealousy,
people feeling angry,
people feeling hatred,
and people suffering.
Emotion is earth shattering.
It gets in to our bodies and
we can’t let go.
Forever we feel emotion,
Forever we feel sustained
in using them.
Together as a team we come together
to look at each other without
emotion and be happy for who
we are.

Who are we someone asks?

We are the people who are
born here who are supposed
to work hard to fulfill goals we

What goals do we make someone asks?

The goals we made when we were
very little to be able to achieve them.

The feeling I get inside is dark and
twisted sometimes, the feeling I get
inside has a light burning in to the darkness
for a turning point.
A turning point in our life challenges us
or sometimes just inspires us to do more.

(Now go to the mirror and repeat something to say yourself which will inspire you. This is the purpose of Positivity Month.)

posting again soon,


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