November Work Week Begins, getting to the next Level…

As November began yesterday, there are a lot of different things going on in our minds. The people walking around us or driving in cars circling the perimeters to work, are functioning just to survive. Many things are happening, changes we can’t see at the moment and changes in front of our faces. We are all getting older. 4.6 billion people in the world and counting while all we can say in the world is overpopulation. More people in the world to care for physically when ill and even more people to care for in the mental health world. Mental Health is becoming increasingly more popular for everybody to become aware to stay focused and concentrate on their duties. Emotions get in the way all the time and it is very hard to balance the emotions. When we feel sad, we get depressed. When we feel jealous, we want to do something bad. When we feel angry, we want to hurt. When we fear, we cower away. When we feel love, we tend to show it. When we feel happy, we let the world know. The more feel any particular emotion, the more we need to control it.

Experiencing ourselves in the world is like wiping ourselves down every day every time we feel an emotion overstimulating ourselves. We can only fully control our emotions when we become a ‘Jedi’. A Jedi can control his emotions very well without feeling overpowered by one over the other. Human beings have the urge to show all their emotions. If only Human beings had more self-control. Watching people on Halloween especially in New York City gives signs to the heaven’s above about the lack of self-control. Every body wants to be seen and every body wants to be recognized, but the truth is we need to control our self-worth.

It should not matter what our emotions feel when we are feeling situated in our field of interest. A person trembles in spite of being in trouble only to know the reason why they are in trouble is because of their emotions. I am getting to the point in my life and I feel any body else should do the same thing where they control all their emotions even if it means to be in solitude.  Never again will you spend too much time on one particular emotion. It can feel exhilarating like a roller coaster ride, but feeling any emotion too long can hurt. When you laugh so hard, it hurts…:)

The truth is when we are controlling our emotions, are minds feel clear, are bodies feel free, and our souls are clean. It can be hard at times to practice this technique of control, but we need to do it in order to reach our ultimate goal. In the end, greed will end since emotions will be controlled.

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