Noticing the difference in this world

There is a difference in this world today. We are all noticing it today, but are we realizing it. Things are changing on the front of doorsteps and even in our own lives. People should be realizing this change. My feeling is many people are not realizing it. I still observe the outside world where I notice some people beg more than they used to or just can’t handle the truth going on in the world. My life is stringent upon getting everybody to realize this change. The change from money to passion and love. The change which grows in us.

Now, many people may think how can I afford my big mansion with teletubbies all around and many gadgets I have at home. I thought I earned it.

I feel when you earn money to a certain point, you should give back as much as you can to the community. Only keep what you need to survive and pay your bills.

I believe money is an object which leads to greed. Baseball used to be America’s pass time at the ballpark to buy tickets and enjoy. Now, baseball is for the rich.

If you work in the medical field you should use money for your own personal needs, to excel in your career, and educate others to do the same as you. We just can hope the people we educate respond the way we want them to, by performing an examination or procedure/surgery the way we taught them. I find though teaching can be like playing a game called ‘Telephone’. By the time the information reaches the last person, the message is not the exactly the same as it was from the first person who gave the message. This is why people do their own thing. In medicine and especially in Ultrasound, every one who works in the field does not perform each study exactly the same.

A difference we can all achieve is by balancing our inner self which in return balances the universe. The universe is a balancing force all around us and there is not one person who helps us do it, it is a team effort. Sometimes we see movies like ‘Star Wars’ or ‘The Matrix’ to make us feel good about one person who can bring balance to the universe, but this is certainly not true. Even though I saw Tee shirts of people selling on the street informing people President Obama is Neo from Matrix. Frequently we always want one person to do it all. Christians believe Jesus was the one, Jewish people believe the messiah is coming, and so on. The main idea is we don’t all move forward and balance the world without a team effort. I believe we all have gifts to balance the world. A lot of people may not know their gift while only a few do, but those people who don’t should watch the few who do know their gift to realize it for themselves.

Some were meant for writing, some were meant for medicine, some were meant to help medicine doctors, some were meant for art, some to maintain money, some were just meant to just be and watch how the world is coming along. It takes time to realize it, but as soon as you realize it, it makes a the world more balanced.

The difference I see in the world is many more people realize they can’t chase the spotlight and/or run after money. Money is an object of our desires to want more. We can want more, but we have to realize what can wait and what needs more time. For example, you can’t buy a Rolex at the age of 25 instead you have to wait until you are much older to take on the responsibility. Every year there should be something else we should be looking to get what we always wanted, but never at the same time can we get everything we desire.

Take it easy,


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