No return back (what’s done is done)

I need to make this clear: No returning back to what you do in the past, what’s done is done. Your actions show anybody or anything about what you do whether you do a very good deed or hurt. Things are the way they are right now in the world and there is no turning back, no return to order. We just have to fight through it and establish a new set of order once again.

CHANGES are happening everywhere in the world now. People are coming to realize its not money which buys stuff, its love. Money is just an object which gives us unlimited power to buy. You need to find the power in ourselves to be stronger inside.

I observe and listen to many people in the world who feel very angry about not having money. First, you need to feel a passion of love inside for what you like to do to be able to earn rewards.

A patient and positive person gets anything they want. When you feel angry inside, you get nowhere, but feeling other people’s pain from making them suffer. No body or thing needs to suffer because you don’t want to feel your own passion and instead be greedy.

There is no returning back now to the greed and disgusting actions from the past. Now we have all have to wait to see what happens next.

In my life I have met many people who were/are greedy. They decide to take it all, fearing they will lose it if they can’t keep it now. I sense these people need to understand the respect for any body or thing in the world because respect is important. When you give respect, you get respect because you have earned the respect.

I hope someone I know who just earned a promotion a work stays true to himself and respects his work mates continuously, but if he doesn’t he steps in to an EGO. It is good to have an ego for your own, but you should not let the ego fill you up completely. I agree we need to stay strong, but at the same time we need to stay true to our own self passions and respect for others. By all means this friend needs to give back to his community.

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2 thoughts on “No return back (what’s done is done)

  1. CR

    This is a very well written and thought out post. Good to see how advanced of a writer and student of life you’ve become. Generosity is far more rewarding than greed. Remember, obsession with materialism gave us the global financial crisis, Bernie madoff and Tony bernazard.

  2. Amanda

    What about the patient, loving people the world over who have starved to death after watching their families starve to death and been powerless to stop it, been killed in the death camps, and been subject to the rest of the worst atrocities that the world has to offer?

    Usually people don’t think of them when they think of how patient, loving people are supposed to get what they want or need. But they’re out there, and they make it obvious that the idea just doesn’t work in the real world. The flipside of the “patient and loving people get what they want” coin is the Just-world phenomenon.