My wish

by J.S.R.

My wish to celebrate
My wish to keep
My wish to leave
My wish to cherish
My wish to draw
My wish to calculate
My wish to live an important life
My wish for all to love nature
My wish for every body to be visible

Speaking of Visible
I am visible
I am can voice
by writing
by drawing
by photos
by living every day of my life.

every aspect of your life.
Since one day you may rise
up and look down
thinking I did
I saw
I came
I went.

Take a life of joy
and sorrow by
showing the life
you were meant to live.
Never rejoice, never regret,
never ever pontificate.
The greatest nature is
the nature of our being.
A wish is only something we can’t have,
but with the right time
and the right attitude
it happens.

(Hope you enjoy and Stay Humble)

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