Moving Away

by J.S.R.

I drive away
in to the midst
on the road.
I see only the
trees and the woods
ahead of me
wondering what could
come next in my life.
I see a visionary
at the end of the road,
but don’t know what it is.

It looks like another person
standing there waiting for me.
As I drive towards the person,
it is actually two people,
a man and a woman.
I drive toward them
closer and closer
until I see they disappeared.
Now I see a tall mountainous building
blocking the road.

I step outside my vehicle
and look up.
The building is the tallest
I have ever seen.
It reveals a grand life of
living no body has ever
portrayed before.
I go up to the door,
but it is locked.
The building is all brick
and stone as I
climb the bricks
like steps on the outside of a

I see it is very tall
and as I climb each brick and stone
I find new a experience fulfilled.
I watch the top of the building
which is brighter than the sun
and blinds me.
I focus on watching the brick
in front of me.
I wonder how I got here
and why I left my life
until I see familiar faces
climbing up different parts of
the brick like I am.
Sometimes I see some
people falling and losing their grips,
while others are climbing faster
than I, but most importantly
I see myself climbing and
finally realize the desire
to reach the top.

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