Marshmellows are yummy in my tummy especially when their burnt. I love eating burnt marshmellows especially when they are on a stick. Count your marshmellows and make as much as you want. It will make you feel good.

be good and don’t let this get in your way:


One day when I was a child back in the day I dropped a burning marshmallow on my leg while it was flaming on my leg (right side), a friend next to me started screaming in pain as I just stood there not feeling anything.

posting again soon,


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4 thoughts on “Mars, MARS, MARSHMELLOWS!

  1. Chun Wong

    Ouch, sounds painful but as you say you didn’t feel it! Must have been scary for your friend. I love marshmallows too and there’s nothing better than toasting them on a fire – yum!

  2. Clay

    Back in the 50’s, we used to make it an all-day project. First, we had to go around collecting pop bottles for the 2 cent deposits, in order to buy the Campfire marshmallows. Then we’d spend hours raking maple leaves and piling them on the boulevard. We’d also look for buckeyes to toss into the fire. It was best to wait until after sundown to start the bonfire, ’cause ghost stories are scarier at night. Then the buckeyes would punctuate the stories, with their hissing and popping. Apples and hotdogs were also standard fare for roasting. Good times!

  3. Fleecy

    Oh wow. that sounds scary with the flaming leg. But I love burnt marshmallows too. The blackened part is my favorite. I like to burn them all over until they’re covered with that black flaky stuff that tries to just drift away.