Many things people need to do this week from

Here is a weekly planner from

1) Listen to your instincts! If something is not right with your life, change it!

2) Find a way to know the needs you absolutely necessarily have to have vs. the wants of what you can’t afford. (Just because we are getting an Economic Stimulus plan does not mean spend money absurdly)

3) Give money to charity and if not money, give books or anything you don’t use.

4) Focus on your needs, not the needs of anyone else.

5) When trouble brews, just walk away! Know when to pick your battles.

6) Stay HUMBLE!!!

7) Do at least 1 hobby this week. (you never know what you come up with)

8) make a To Do list…

9) Don’t Gossip!

10) Don’t get angry over the little things, meditate or write it down.

anyway, posting later on…


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